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The electrodeionization module is suitable for a variety of industries

Electrodeionization is used within a variety of industries for the purpose of purifying water. However, using the electrodeionization module instead of traditional systems, offers a lot of advantages. If you are curious to know how this works, depend on the knowledge of Deionx. This company is one of the leading corporations in Europe regardingwater purification. Furthermore, they are specialized in systems that use the electrodeionization module.

Choose knowledge and experience

Deionx had over twenty years of experience regarding ultrapure water. They design, build, and maintain a variety of ultrapure water installations for industries worldwide. Moreover, these specialists are appointed as the official European Distributor for Iontech. This means they design, build, and sell Iontech EDI modules. It also means that they provide worldwide technical support.

Water purification for different industries

As you read above, the electrodeionization module is being used by a vast amount of industries all over the world. A few examples of industries that use this system for water purification are:

  • The power industry.
  • The pharmaceutical industry.
  • The microelectronics and semiconductor industry.

However, it does not mean that the electrodeionization module is suited for every application. Whether this method fits your needs, depends on the application and the right system. Would you like to know of the module can be used for the application you have in mind? Do not hesitate to contact the experts.

Contact the customer care for more information

The electrodeionization module is suitable for a vast amount of different industries. Are you in need for a reliable installation that purifies water? Contact the customer care, they are eager to tell you more about their systems and give you more information. If you have any questions about the electrodeionization module, they will happily answer them all. You can reach them by calling the phone number you find on their website.