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Waterpump, the basics

The waterpump, it is a basic and practical technique. The pumping of water is a older technique used the history. If you use the pump you can use the water for wassing your clothes, evacuating the water and for example irrigation. You have two different types of water consumption. You cab decent the water from a higher elevation or the other way is to use an pressurized plumbing system.  

The waterpump technique is a concept from the ancient times. It is a simple technique for using and maintaining the elevation of water for as long and as far as possible for the pump. When water moves over big distances. The history of the water pumps starts with the Egyptian people creating the first pump in 2,000 BC. The name which was given to the pump, was in the original language ‘shadoof’. It was a bucket tied to the rope of the bucket and that bucket was used to remove the water. But this is not actually a pump it doesn’t qualify for the right aspects of a pump.

The first ‘real’pump was created in the ancient Greece and Rome. The people in that time period used a particular device for water pumping. The name of this device is the Archimedean screw. This product was shaped as a giant screw and used for lifting water. The water lifting process was possible through the irrigation system of the pump. The pump needed to be turned around by at least two people.

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