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Does a new working environment seem daunting?

Investing in a new working environment is a huge decision for any business. It involves large quantities of time, management and money. This can prove daunting for organisations and the managers responsible because, although they need to make the investment, it is a huge distraction from their usual day to day task and can seem like an unclimbable mountain looming and unavoidable.

Unavoidable it may be, unclimbable mountain? No! there is no need for all the concern when there are people in the interior design, fit-out and furniture industry that can do all this for you. They go by the name; Interior design Consultants. It sounds exciting and it is. These people work with customers from the initial idea of a ‘workplace makeover’ to the opening of the new office environment. Amos Beech in Central Scotland is a team that have a team of workplace consultants who cover Scotland. They have a excellent track record in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee. Their services include:

  • A meeting with the client in which the requirements, style and budgets are discussed. Presentations are made and opinions are considered.
  • Initial design is next – the design team interpret clients feedback, opinion and specific requirements and create from that a presentation including floor plans and furniture options, colours, fabrics, finishes and design features. This is then presented to the client and any necessary changes are made according to client’s comments or concerns
  • Once the customer has agreed and wishes to continue this brief is handed to the furniture team and our refurbishment and fit-out team. The Operations team kicks in and the work starts. It is up to the client how the work starts but we can assess realistically whether they need to phase work and even assess down to the details of transferring workers materials and documents from their old workspace to their new.
  • The fit-out department alongside the furniture team then work together in accord with the customers requirements and will complete the whole job on the agreed closing date.

Throughout this whole process the workplace consultants are in constant contact with the customer, answering questions, responding to requests and making sure that everyone is in the loop.

Our consultants are at the forefront of Amos Beech and have a wide range of skills. They have knowledge on space planning, design ideas as well as an understanding of the budgets and limitations some firms may have. Our consultants can create your fingerprint workspace and successfully take the strain of moving and changing your office. They have the necessary back up within the team to cope with every aspect of moving your location or even just re-fitting your current space.

In recent times we have worked on office furniture in Glasgow. Transforming 20 year old offices into something completely new. Removing everything old and obsolete and then doing a complete refurbishment including interior alterations. It was finished with modern quality furniture which completely facelifted and transformed the workspace. This isn’t our only story, we have had a strong track record all through Glasgow, as well as in Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth. Have a look on our website amosbeech.com and you will see the other transformations we have made.