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Interior design events, a Jolly?

When asked to compose a blog as part of as team building competition, I knew I would put it off until the last minute. Words don’t always come easy to me (in the written form – talking is a different matter!) As a creative person I’m more skilled in the visual side of the things; however much to my dismay; often the two come hand in hand.

Interior Design Events

So here I am on Sunday evening; a two year old attached to my leg, a husband laughing over my shoulder and Paw Patrol blaring in the background. (For those who don’t know – it’s the next big TV craze, ideal for toddler distraction!)

Next comes the dilemma of what to discuss? Interior design is my job but it’s also my passion – this should be easy! It is a difficult occupation to describe in a nutshell without people asking what cushions or curtains would suit their home. Commercial is different, I always say, so they don’t expect too much when they visit my own humble abode! Commercial design is different and it’s also seriously big business with architectural design in Glasgow especially being one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry over the last few years.

Mixology North

Here on follows a review of my most recent design event which I decided was a valid topic and hopefully would hold some interest for like-minded individuals.

Mixology North; an event with a reputation, the Brit Awards of the design industry, glamorous, prestigious and a whole lot of crazy. After blagging an invitation through some clever networking; my colleague and I attended Mix Interiors magazine bi-annual do in December 2016.

The evening began with floor length gowns, sparkles, dickie bows and tartan trews filing en masse into the Manchester Convention Centre. The space was decked out with the most extravagant set design of a Winter Wonderland I have ever seen. From acrobats to dodgems and walzters; an abundant amount of entertainment was provided to ad lib the celebration of the best design projects and products of the year within the interiors industry.

These awards are a great way to trend spot, glean ideas and network but also to keep an eye on the competition from fellow designers throughout the country. I think it’s important to always push yourself and not get comfortable in a set design style. In my opinion seeing what designs are winning awards is one of the best ways to get excited and inspire yourself all over again. Although quite often described as a “jolly”, don’t forget the underlying drive of ambition and healthy competition these events produce, which to me is a positive outcome!

Staying Fresh

(photo by: Studiovhf)

I’ve always believed that the key to success in the design industry is to stay fresh, innovative and always one step ahead of the game. At Amos Beech we pride ourselves on our successful projects being based on the above but more importantly about our relationships with our clients. Trust as well as innovative design builds the basis for a winning combination. Perhaps worthy of a future Mixology award – who knows? Watch this space…