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A heated circulating water bath: fundamental for your laboratory

A heated circulating water bath is ideal for applications when temperature uniformity and consistency are critical. Think about enzymatic and serologic experiments. The bath is a fundamental product in any laboratory. It is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. Water is thoroughly circulated throughout the bath resulting in a more uniform temperature. Cooling and heating circulating baths are ideal for industrial or laboratory applications where a wide variety of temperature controls are needed. Are you interested in buying one? Meet Prolyse BV!

You new business partner for lab equipment

Prolyse BV is a company that delivers laboratory products to companies in the Benelux. Think about companies in the analytical chemistry, process industry and mainly in the pharmaceutical- and life-science laboratories. One of their specialties, is heated circulating water bath. Precision circulating water baths are an ideal choice when temperature uniformity and control are particularly critical. Water baths from the brand PolyScience are designed to meet the most critical industrial and clinical laboratory applications. Prolyse BV has a large selection of circulating water baths from PolyScience. These baths are an excellent choice for research and quality control applications. They are highly accurate, easy-to-use and come with accessories like a reservoir cover, bypass tubing, male inlet and outlet adapters and 6 (1.83 m) standard grounded electrical cord with country-specific plug.

Order easily online

When you order a heated circulating water bath for your laboratory at Prolyse BV, you are assured of an excellent service. They respond very quick to your request and are always available when you need our support. Besides that: when you place an order of over 500 euros, you do not have to pay shipping costs. Do you want to order a heated circulating water bath, or do you have questions about their equipment for your laboratory? Get in contact with them!