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Hot Air Balloon flight over Brussels

Hot air balloon flights in Brussels can be done the whole year in principle 365 days a year if the weather is nice. Yet the weather in Belgium gods often impose a limitation on us.

A hot air balloon flight cannot take place when it’s too much wind, when it’s raining, thunderstorms and if the cloud cover is too low.

If the weather conditions are optimal, we will fly 7/7 during the balloon season, we can also only fly in the morning or in the evening. This means that we are available every day to carry out your hot air balloon flight over Brussels.

With C-Air ballooning you can book from Monday to Sunday. We make no distinction in price between weekends and weekdays. 

In this way we can ensure our flexibility to our passengers. In consultation with our passengers, we are happy to plan a desired date in advance for the execution of your flight.

If it’s cancelled, we will look at a new date in consultation.

Is ballooning safe?

Ballooning is very safe. Safety is one of our most important objectives. We only fly in safe circumstances.

When can you perform a balloon flight? Is ballooning possible during the day?

You may have noticed that you rarely see balloons flying during the day. Almost all flights can only take place in the morning or evening. The reason for this is that there is too much thermal during the day. This causes a hot air balloon to become uncontrollable.

During the balloon season you can only fly in the morning or in the evening. A morning usually goes through one hour before sunrise and an evening cruise often goes through two hours before sunset. During the winter months there is less thermal, so you can sail during the day.

We do ballooning in Belgium. In which season is it best to plan it? The best time for hot air ballooning is during the spring & summer season. Our balloon season runs from April to October.