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The best in petrol station lighting

Bever Innovations from Zierikzee, the Netherands, is the best in petrol station lighting. Having worked for major companies in the petrol industry, including Shell, BP, Q8 and Total, their work can be seen in over one-hundred countries. Because their LED lighting solutions are capable of withstanding the most extreme weather conditions, it does not matter whether the petrol station lighting is applied in a moist and tropical area or in a dry and hot climate. These experts are able to upgrade any petrol station with the best lighting.

LED price displays

Besides making sure your customers can clearly see their surroundings when they get their petrol, Bever Innovations from Zierikzee, the Netherlands, is also a supplier of LED price displays. Your company of course has its own unique brand, colors and design. These experts are highly flexible when it comes to their displays. The price signs and LED price displays are easy to integrate in your price totem and there will be no issues adapting them to your corporate identity. From colors to font, we make the displays fit your brand. Besides looking great, they also need to be looked at. Thanks to the different techniques and protective equipment used by these lighting experts, the displays can handle even the most extreme conditions. The maintenance level is low and the lifespan of a display is approximately ten years. This high quality is guaranteed through the use of the most reliable LEDs of top brands.

Upgrade your petrol station

Bring your petrol station to the next level with excellent lighting from these Dutch experts. When you upgrade your petrol station with the LED lighting technology this company offers, your customers user experience will greatly improve. The lights are durable, sustainable and low in maintenance. This company is constantly raising the bar when it comes to lighting solutions, and your company can be a part of these innovations.