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3 ways to pay for a taxiride without getting the coronavirus.

The digital age.

In the digital age we live in it is becoming easier and easier to pay for goods and services. In this case we are going to discuss paying for taxiservices. To bring back the moments of contact to 0 between the customer and the taxidriver you will have to pay by card all the time. By paying with card the risks that accompany with paying in cash also diminish severely. Another advantage for the taxidriver is that the costs of putting casch money in the bank decreases severely. The most coronaproof ways to pay for your taxiservice are the following 3 :

1 – via a debitcard

2 – via a creditcard

3 – via apple pay

 Because of this new way of doing business the risk of a taxidriver being robbed also decreases alot. So far there are only advantages to this way of paying for your taxiservices. On the other side of the divide there are also people that argue that the choice of payment is to lie with the customer and not to be influenced by general temporary developments. According to them their are other measures that can be taken to counter contaminations in this case.

Integral cashless payment transactions

The policy of the government is to rearrange the society to such a degree so that all transactions eventually will be executed cashless. With this policy the government strives to attain the following goals :

–          Combating money laundering

–          Overseeing the flows of money

–          Keeping track of moneyflows by the IRS

–          Making black markets unprofitable

Through overseeing all flows of money the government attains a new big weapon against everyone who tries to make a transaction outside the rules of the dutch government.


The freedom to make your own choices.

Opponents of this government policy argue that we should cherish the liberal foundations of our society. They compare this political development to a communistic policy that would fit even in the russia of stalin. There should be a healthy balance between cashless and cashpayments.