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Window mannequins that are fully customized for your store

Do you want to buy window mannequins that completely fit your store? Bonami offers several types of mannequins in multiple colours and styles. For example, you can choose bright, cheerful colours, but also neutral tones. You can also choose the finish. Think of a transparent or opaque finish. Whatever the appearance of the mannequins, everything is possible with this specialist. They offer both full body female and male mannequins and they also have busts available.

Busts that make your clothes stand out even more

Would you like your clothing to stand out so that more customers visit your store? Then in addition to full body female window mannequins, busts are also very suitable for your store. On busts your clothes stand out even more. Busts are also very suitable for accessories and lingerie, because they will catch the eye of passing customers even more. With the busts of this expert, you will have more customers in your store in no time.Their resourced sculptors know exactly how to design, create and manufacture busts. They can add a specific kinds of personality to a mannequin bust form.This way, you can be sure that the bust fully meets all your requirements and fits well with your store.

Ask about all the possibilities

Are you curious if Bonami can also make a custom mannequin for you? Whatever your needs, with them you are guaranteed to find the ideal window mannequins for your store. Whether you sell clothes for men, women or children; it is important to show them on the right mannequin. They also offer full body female mannequins for sportswear, maternity wear and plus size clothing. Contact them now and discover all the possibilities they offer. Who knows, you may soon have beautiful, new mannequins to make your store shine and attract more customers!