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Possible side effects
Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Stop taking this medicine and contact your doctor immediately

– You suddenly get difficulty breathing or have wheezing or your face, mouth or throat starts swelling
– You get a rash or itching (especially if it affects the entire body). Severe rashes may cause blistering or flaking skin, mouth sores, eyes, nose or genitals. You may also have a high body temperature (fever) and abnormal blood values.

You feel any change of your mental health and well-being. The characters can be:
mood swings or abnormal thoughts
– Aggression or hostility
– Forgetfulness or confusion
– Extreme happiness
– Overexaltered or hyperactivity
– Anxiety or nervousness
– Depression, suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior
– Agitation or psychosis (loss of contact with reality that can mean delusions or experience things that are not real), sense of privacy and numbness or personality disorder.

Other side effects include:

Very common side effects (may affect more than 1 user in 10):
– Headache

Common side effects (may affect up to 1 in 10 users):
– Dizziness
– Sleepiness, extreme fatigue or sleep discomfort (insomnia)
– Feeling the heartbeat that can be faster than normal
– Chest pain
– Flushing
– Dry mouth
– Loss of appetite, nausea, stomach ache, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation
weakness, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet (“darkness tension”)
– Blurred vision
– Abnormal blood values ​​that show how your liver works (elevated liver enzymes)
– Irritability

Uncommon side effects (may affect up to 1 in 100 users):
Back pain, neck pain, muscle aches, muscle weakness, leg cramps, joint pain, twitching or shaking
– Vertigo (fraud)
– Difficulty in moving muscles smoothly or other movement problems, muscle tension, coordination problems
– Oesophageal symptoms with itchy / runny nose or watery eyes
– Increased cough, asthma or breathlessness
– Skin rashes, acne or itchy skin
– Sweating
– Changes in blood pressure (high or low), deviating ECG and irregular or unusually slow heart rate
– Difficulty swallowing, swollen tongue or sore throat
– Strong gas formation, reflux (reflux of fluid from the stomach), increased appetite, weight changes, thirst or taste changes
– Nausea (vomiting)
– Migraine
– Speech problems
– Diabetes with elevated blood glucose
– Elevated cholesterol levels
– Swollen hands and feet
– Disturbed sleep or abnormal dreams
– Loss of sexual activity
– Nose bleed, sore throat or inflamed nasal mucosa (sinusitis)
– Abnormal vision or dry eyes
– Abnormal urine or more frequent urination
– Abnormal humanity
– Abnormal blood values ​​that show that the number of white blood cells has changed
– Restlessness with increased body movement.

Reporting of side effects
If you get side effects talk to a doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This also applies to side effects not mentioned in this information. By reporting side effects you can help increase information about medication safety.


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